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Learn about Rice

Links to Rice Websites
  1. AgBiotechNet: Publishes current and past information about agricultural biotechnology and biosafety for researchers and policy makers world-wide.
  2. AgriCentre - UK: Provides exclusive farm and crop management tools that are essential for day-to-day work.
  3. Alliance for Better Foods: Encourages fact-based discussion about development in plant biotechnology.
  4. Asiafoods: Rice Products and Recipes
  5. Asian Food Information Center: Non-profit organization, funded by broad-based support from the food, beverage and agricultural industries.
  6. Asia Pacific Regional Technology Centre (APRTC): A non-profit corporation dedicated to improving the welfare and knowledge of Asia-Pacific farmers and the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices.
  7. Asia Rice Foundation, USA (ARFUSA): Organized in 1999 by a group of people with roots in Asia, supports work toward a world that can feed itself, treasures the rich heritage of its rice cultures and values its rice growing land as a precious commodity to be shared with future generations.
  8. British Crop Protection Council (BCPC): Aims to promote and encourage the science and practice of crop protection.
  9. Biz-in-Asia: Rice -The Central Certainty of Asian Life
  10. California rice: California Rice Commission Web site, showcases the innovations that make rice California´s most economically vibrant and clean industry.
  11. CGIAR: Website of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
  12. CropLife Asia: Provides regional leadership and representation for the plant science industry.
  13. CropLife International: CropLife International is a global network which represents the plant science industry.
  14. Cybercucina: Means "cyber kitchen" in Italian offers the finest imported gourmet foods as well as easy online ordering, fast shipping, and great customer service.
  15. Extension Toxicology Network: Provides information on pesticide toxicology and environmental chemistry.
  16. FabFoodPix: Provide high quality food photography for design groups, publishers, advertising agencies and the food & catering industry.
  17. Far west rice: History of Rice; Nutrition; Processing and By products
  18. Farmchina: Market Prices; China agriculture
  19. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO): FAO's Official Website
  20. Food Reference Website: Culinary history, facts, trivia etc.
  21. Graindell: Learn, explore, and discover the colorful world of rice
  22. Hudson Institute : America's premier source of applied research on enduring policy challenges.
  23. International Agri-Food Network: Facilitates informal liaison among the professional organizations in the agri-food chain at global level.
  24. International Fertilizer Industry Association: Actively promote efficient and responsible production and use of plant nutrients to maintain and increase agricultural production worldwide in a sustainable manner.
  25. International Seed Federation: Non-governmental, non-profit organization representing the seed industry.
  26. International Seed Testing Association : Provides various information on seed testing.
  27. ISAAA: Not-for-profit organization that delivers the benefits of new agricultural biotechnologies to the poor in developing countries.
  28. International Rice Research Institute (IRRI): Rice recipes; Rice Facts
  29. International Year of Rice 2004 (IYR2004): Official website for the IYR2004 celebration
  30. IPM Almanac: Resource for Integrated Pest Management
  31. ImportFood.com Thai Supermarket : Thai food and cookware and many more
  32. Kaset Pattana : Agricultural Machinery, Thailand
  33. Life Sciences Network: Promotes the strategic economic opportunity available to each country to benefit from the application of biotechnology in the expanding knowledge age.
  34. Lundberg Family Farms: Finest Brown rice; Specialty rice varieties; Brown rice products
  35. National Agricultural Library, USDA: A major international source for agriculture and related information.
  36. Oryza: Daily rice markets newsletter, latest market prices and country wide informative reports
  37. Pest Management at the Crossroads:Website of the book
  38. Integrated Pest Management Resource Center: Source of information covering many aspects of pest management
  39. Pacific International Rice Mills:Rice Products; Rice Recipes and more
  40. Prairie links:Farm Equipment Agribusiness and Crop Production Links
  41. Riceco: Rice products
  42. Rice gourmet: Delectable rice recipes from countries all over the world
  43. Rice info : Rice information and recipes
  44. Rice on line: Market Information, Rice Companies, Recipes
  45. Rice straw: California Rice Commission website on the alternative uses of rice straw
  46. Rice select: Rice information and recipes
  47. Riceweb: History of Rice, Recipes and more
  48. Sage V Foods: Industry supplier of IQF rice, organic rice, rice flour, instant rice, extruded and extracted ingredients.
  49. SeedQuest: Information services for seed professionals.
  50. Thai-German Plant Protection Programme: The goal of the project is to reduce adverse effects of pesticides to users, consumers, to the environment and to the export of agricultural produce.
  51. The rice: General Information about rice from history till business
  52. The food store: Brown Rice, Wild Rice and Rice recipes
  53. True foods market: Selling a wide range of food products including rice
  54. Tropical Seeds: Quality seeds for the tropical climate.
  55. USA rice: Rice Industry News; Rice Recipes
  56. Valley commodities:Buys and sells rough rice of all varieties, also has contracts for specialty rice.
  57. WARDA : Rice information from the West Africa Rice Development Association
  58. World Resources Institute : An environmental think tank that goes beyond research to find practical ways to protect the earth and improve people's lives.
  59. World Rice Commerce WRC 2004
  60. Africa Rice Outlook 2005
  61. World Rice Commerce  2005


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