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What's New with Asia Rice Foundation?

Rice in the Seven Arts


Please contact:
The Asia Rice Foundation-Philippines
College 4031, Los Baņos, Laguna,
Tel/Fax No.: (6349) 536-2285
E-mail: asiarice@laguna.net
Price per copy:
US$ 8.50 or P450.00
Volume price of 15 copies:
US$ 110.00 or P6,000.00

Rice in the Seven Arts is the newest book of the Asia Rice Foundation (ARF).  It brings together in one volume the previously unexplored and primordial role of rice on the seven arts of the Philippines: dance, music, theater arts, motion pictures, architecture, visual arts, and literature.  From seeding to planting, protecting the grain-bearing plants from preying birds, harvesting and storing the grains, rice is presented as a social, familial and community animator,.  The golden grain, husked or unhusked, is likewise presented in its various uses in Philippine culture and the arts: from adornment (pf abodes and human bodies) to rice wine for special occasions.

Among the contributors are renowned artists and leading cultural icons of the Philippines.

The 120-page book contains beautiful and rare photos and bids as a welcome addition to the limited literature on the subject.  

ARF Newsletter  

The first Asia Rice Foundation (ARF) Newsletter was issued in April 2005. It is a periodical, which aims to inform and update its members of current news, features, and accomplishments of ARF.
Please click here to view the ARF Newsletter in PDF format. 

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