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For more than half of humanity RICE IS LIFE. It is the grain that has shaped the cultures, diets, and economies of billions of people in Asia. For them, life without rice is simply unthinkable.

The Asia Rice Foundation is working to secure a prosperous future for Asiaís rice societies by supporting rice educational activities, cultural preservation, research, and advocacy movements. Find out why rice is such an amazing grain and how you can get involved in the Foundationís extremely important work.

National Rice Foundations

Bangladesh Rice Foundation
China Rice Science and Development Foundation
Indonesia Rice Foundation (under development)
The Asia Rice Foundation- Philippines
The Thai Rice Foundation under Royal Patronage

Affiliate Foundation

Asia Rice Foundation - USA

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For more details please contact:

The Asia Rice Foundation
College 4031, Laguna

Tel./Fax: +63 49 536-2285
E-mail: asia_rice@searca.org

December 2017