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Learn about Rice

Many Asians eat rice three times a day. In some languages, such as Thai and Lao, the phrase for eating rice is synonymous with "eating food "— showing the importance of rice as staple food to these people.

From delicate translucent noodles to delightful sushi to exquisite desserts, rice is a surprisingly versatile—and nutritious—food. (It’s not too fattening, either!) So help yourself and make a meal of it—or a feast. Explore the world of rice through your taste buds. You won’t be disappointed.

For rice recipes from around the world, check out the Recipe Exchange and Home Chefs. The Have a Rice Day Cafe also has lots of good things cooking. For the true cooking fanatic, browsing through the list of rice cookbooks is a must, as are the featured rice dishes. For recipes of brown rice, click here.

Do you have a great rice recipe? Share it! We’ll put it online in the Recipe Exchange. For some observations on preparing rice, Edita Burgos shares her insights.

If you want to know something about sake, Japan's national rice-based beverage, read on.