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ARMAN Executive Committee Meeting, Chennai, India

The following members of the ARMAN Executive Committee attended its 2nd meeting in Chennai, India, on 28 June 2001: Mr. Jose Burgos, Jr. (Philippines, Chair), Mr. Devinder Sharma (India, Vice Chair), Dr. Golam Rahman (Bangladesh, Member), Mr. Darman Bachri Hasibuan (Indonesia, Member), Ms. Sylvia Inciong (IRRI, Member), Mr. Prempree Na Songkla (Thailand, Observer), and Mr. Tran Van Thai (Vietnam, Observer). Projects that all members agreed to participate are the Rice Photo Contests to be undertaken in respective countries and the plan to produce official publications of ARMAN and of ARMAN member countries. All ARMAN members pledged to assist in the various projects and/or campaigns of the Asia Rice Foundation.

The ARMAN Executive Committee Meeting was held in conjunction with the Expert Consultation on Science for Sustainable Food Security, Nutritional Adequacy and Poverty Alleviation in the Asia-Pacific Region: June 25-28, 2001, at the M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, Taramani, Chennai, India. The Consultation, jointly organized by the M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation and the FAO, aimed to review the progress made since the FAO Rome World Food Summit of November 1966, in improving the productivity, profitability, stability and sustainability of the major farming systems of countries in the Asia-Pacific Region. Nearly two-thirds of the world's poor live in this region, where enhancing economic access to food has become the major food security challenge. The Consultation focused on the role of science and public policy in converting Asia's green revolution into an ever-green revolution, rooted in the principles of ecology, economics, gender and social equity and employment generation, and achieving the goal of 'Hunger-free Asia.' In addition to several scientific sessions at the Consultation, one session was under the theme of 'Role of Media in Promoting Science for Food Security and Poverty Alleviation.' The ARMAN Executive Committee participated actively in this and other sessions as well.

Arman Seminar On Rice Production And Agriculture Development, Indonesia

The Asia Rice Foundation, as the Secretariat to the Asian Rice Media Advocacy Network (ARMAN), is co-sponsoring with the Indonesian Chapter of ARMAN a seminar on Rice Production and Agriculture Development in Bogor, Indonesia, 15-17 October 2000. The theme of the seminar is the strengthening of the professional alliance between media and rice stakeholders. The seminar aims to open a channel of communication between media and rice research institutions and stakeholders towards a better understanding of and commitment to the promotion of public awareness and advocacy on rice and agriculture development.

The first meeting of the Executive Committee of ARMAN will be held in the afternoon of the 15th at the Novotel Hotel, Bogor. On the 16th, the participants will attend the World Food Day program at the Presidential Palace, Jakarta, where the launching of the Indonesian Rice Foundation will be announced. A one-day seminar will be held on the 17th with paper presentation in the morning and group discussion in the afternoon. The topics for the paper presentation include: World Rice Situation, Rice Situation in Indonesia, Advanced Technology on Rice for the Improvement of Farmer Welfare, Technology and Information Dissemination on All Aspects of Rice, and The Role of Journalist Towards the Success of Rice Production and Agricultural Developments.

Interested parties can contact the local organizers through Mr. Darman Hasibuan, President of the Indonesian Chapter of ARMAN, Dewi Sri, at the Bureau of Public Relations, Department Pertanian, Jl. Harsono Rm No 3, Ragunan, Pasarminggu, Indonesia, or fax no. 62-21-7804016 or e-mail address at darman_setjen@deptan.go.id

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