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Photo Gallery

Rice Photo Gallery III  

Kazuko Tomiyama's 'Rice in Japan' Calendar (2004)

Inabuchi Rice Terraces

(Asuka Village, Nara Prefecture)

Worked by human hands, land assumed the gentle beauty of embodied love.

It is no wonder that people today feel drawn to the rural heartland, where upland fields have worked since times long past. Ongoing, the care of the centuries exerts a deep attraction. The Ancient Chronicles of Japan recorded a rain-making ritual held here in the upper reaches of the Asuka River. The Imperial Ordinance on Forest Conservation is also written down, wherein Emperor Tenmu, decreed that plants and trees be respected. 

These days, except in a few places, we mostly cannot see the wood for the trees, preserving sites and monuments, while neglecting to conserve the everyday scenery that surrounds them. Our hearts go out to those in Asuka who tirelessly continue to care.

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