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Photo Gallery

Rice Photo Gallery III  

Kazuko Tomiyama's 'Rice in Japan' Calendar (2002)

Double cropping

(Aki City, Kochi Prefecture)

This is a rare scene of double cropping, growing rice in the same fields twice in one year. During the mid 1950s, when rice was in short supply, here in the Kochi Plain they improved a variety, eventually developing a double-cropping strain. 

After planting in April, it is harvested in August. The fields are planted again in August, then, in November a second crop is brought in. Rice is cut in one field while being planted in the next, something rarely seen in Japan. 

At one time the sight had spread to 4,000 hectares. Now, with so many production restrictions, the practice has all but died out. In the whole prefecture, just a single hectare is still double cropped. A few paddy fields are holding out. This photo was taken in 1985.

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