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Rice Photo Gallery III  

Kazuko Tomiyama's 'Rice in Japan' Calendar (2003)

The Izumo Plain

(Hikawa Town, Shimane Prefecture)

The capricious Hii River, famed in legend, is prone to raging floods and to running dry. The soil and sand brought by floods have built the Izumo Plain, where natural and human action have jointly made the land. Over history, the plain you see today was created by again and again using river silt to reclaim land from a lake.

To deal with the persisting insufficiency of water, the functions of the ancient system of sharing have been passed on to the modern irrigation association. Sharing enabled the farmers here to get through the 1994 drought without disruption. It also keeps alive spectacular scenery of farmhouses with neatly trimmed pine windbeaks. (Here you see the Goemon River, which flows into the Hii River)   

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