Rice Cookbooks

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The Rice Bible
The title of this book is no idle boast for it is the most complete and most beautifully illustrated (with almost 600 illustrations) reference work on rice, the basic food for untold millions throughout the world. The book contains thirteen chapters: On the Trail of Rice; Cultivation; Varieties and Uses; Cooked Rice; Seasoning and Coloring; Pilaf; Risotto; Soups; Snacks and Appetizers; Paella; From the Wok; Stuffings; Desserts. The text, design, and color photographs presented in the Rice Bible are unsurpassed. The superbly illustrated recipes make it not only a valuable practical book for the kitchen but also a handsome gift for a friend or family member.

Viking Studio: Published by the Penguin Group Penguin Putnam Inc., 375 Hudson Street, New York, New York, 10014, U.S.A. Printed in England, 1999. 240 p.
ISBN: 0-670-88602-5

Rice and Risotto
Rice & Risotto is a beautifully illustrated guide to rice - understanding, choosing it, and cooking with it. The book opens with an extensive introduction to the different types of rice and the many products made from it, and takes a close look at the rice plant, how it is grown and harvested, the etiquette of eating rice, and the history of rice since the early days of cultivation in South-east Asia around 8000 years ago. Learn how to cook rice to perfection, whether your chosen dish is plain boiled rice, risotto, paella, biryani, sushi, fired rice or rice pudding. Useful information on the equipment used in the preparation of rice, how to store rice, and its nutritional value, is also included.

Rice is prized by cooks everywhere for its texture and flavor, which make it the perfect partner for almost any ingredient from a handful of herbs to an extravagant array of seafood. In a chapter-by-chapter international tour, the recipe section presents a mouth-watering display of the versatility of rice. Classic rice recipes sit alongside contemporary dishes from around the world, with a special emphasis on the risotto, to reflect the enormous popularity of this simple but sumptuous Italian dish. With over 1000 inspirational color photographs, expert information, an extensive photographic directory to the world's rices, and more than 160 exquisite recipes, Rice & Risotto will help you to explore and appreciate the versatility of this highly-revered staple food.

Published by Lorenz Books, 27 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011, U.S.A. 1999. 256 pages.
ISBN 0-7548-0203-5

Asian Grills
250 recipes for exotic barbecues, their accompaniments, and desserts - from India, Indonesia, Singapore, Macau, Thailand, Burma, Japan, Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the Philippines. Alexandra Greeley, Doubleday, a division of Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc. 666 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10103, 1993. 335p. ISBN 0-385-42212-1

Classic Essential - RICE
This wonderful collection of recipes introduces rice in a new role - no longer just a supportive accompaniment, but now the star of the show. There are many rice classics to choose from ... Kedgeree, Risotto, and creamy puddings or the more exotic Paella and Dolmades. The step-by-step photographs, clear instructions and cook's hints make cooking any of them a pleasure. Periplus (Singapore) Pte Ltd, 5 Little Road, #08-01, Singapore 536983. 1996. 64p. ISBN: 962-593-371-9

Classic Rice Dishes
More than 100 deliciously diverse rice recipes from every continent, making this an extremely comprehensive collection of rice recipes.
Janet Swarbick, New Burlington Books, 6 Blundell St., N7 9BH, London, UK, 1996. 128 p.
ISBN: 1-85348-845-3

Home Chefs of the World: Rice and Rice-based Recipes
IRRI and Suhay (International Women’s Organization), Philippines, 1991. 252 p.
ISBN: 971-22-0023-X

Quick and Natural Rice Dishes
The 75 most popular recipes from 20 years of East West/Natural Health books, providing an innovative approach to cooking with rice, a versatile, all-purpose staple that offers an ideal nutritional profile. These 75 full-flavor rice recipes were developed by leading natural foods chefs, who show how rice can be used to make both fast one-dish meals as well as appetizers, side dishes, entrees, and even desserts. East West/Natural Health Books, Brookline, Massachusetts, 1992. 116p.
ISBN: 0-936184-12-4

Uncle Ben's Healthy Eating Cookbook
The thirty (30) recipes in this cookbook were specially created to make healthy eating enjoyable and easy. They ranged from Italian Vegetable Rice Pizza to Easy Summer Rice Salad to New Orleans Fish and Rice Creole to Turkey and Brown Rice Soup. Rice dessert includes Brown Rice Apple Crisp, Peachy Rice Dessert and Today's Rice Pudding. Each recipe is accompanied by colorful pictures, displaying the process and the finished product.
Recipes prepared and styled by Helen Burdett, Photography by Peter Barry, Designed by Judith Chant, Edited by Jillian Stewart, and Project Co-ordination by Hanni Penrose. 1992 Colour Library Books Ltd., Godalming, Surrey, England, this edition published in 1996 by Ottenheimer Publishers 10 Church Lane, Baltimore, Maryland 21208 USA, Printed in Hong Kong CB697A, 64 pages.

The Rice Book: The Definitive Book on the Magic of Rice Cooking
Sri Owen, Doubleday, London, 1993. 400 p.
ISBN: 0-385-40181-7

The Rice Cookbook
Eighty (80) international recipes for rice, from Greek Stuffed Peppers om Risotto to Sushi
Fifty of the world’s best rice dishes are photographed in full color. The many varieties of commercially prepared rice are also described, and easy-to-follow cooking methods are given.
Clare Ferguson, Ryland Peters and Small, Cavendish House, 51-55 Mortimer Street, London WIN 7TD, UK. 144 p. ISBN 1-900518-43-0

Sushi: Making at Home
Numerous sushi recipes from different regions of Japan and for various occasions -- from Gomoku-Zushi (Five-Flavor Sushi), which is scattered sushi for special occasion, to Chirashi-Zushi, which is good after having a drink, to sushi packed lunch, to Hors D'oeuvres Sushi Party, to homemade cake sushi for birthday party. Yasuko Kamimura (translated by Kazuhiko Nagai), Japan Publications Trading Co., P.O. Box 5030, Tokyo, Japan. 1997. 64 p. Distributed in the United States through Oxford University Press, 198 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016. ISBN: 0-87040-992-1

The Classic Rice Cookbook
More than 65 recipes from around the globe demonstrate the versatility of rice, the staple of most of the world's population. Steamed, simmered, fried or broiled, rice packed with both protein and carbohydrates. From buttery Italian rissotto to spicy Korean bibimba, tempting Chinese fried rice to classic Japanese sushi, these delicious recipes are sure to convert even the most die-hard meat-and-potato types. Junko Takagi, Shufunotomo Co., Ltd., 2-9, Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101, Japan. Printed in Hong Kong, 1996. 132 p. ISBN: 4-07-976209-7

The Rice Book: The Definitive Book on the Magic of Rice Cooking
Sri Owen, Doubleday, London, 1993. 400 p.
ISBN: 0-385-40181-7

The Rice Cookbook
Eighty (80) international recipes for rice, from Greek Stuffed Peppers and Dolmades to Jambalaya and Gumbo, from Kedgeree and Rice Pilaf to Rolled Sushi and Oriental Stir Fry, and from Fruity Rice Salad to Traditional Rice Pudding. There are recipes to suit every occasion, whether formal or informal entertaining, quick suppers and family meals, light lunches or snacks. Anne Dettmer and Victoria Lloyd-Davies, Salamander Boos, Ltd., 129-137 York Way, deliciously diverse rice rn Singapore, 1993. 94p. ISBN: 0-86101-740-4

Traditional Rice Food Products of the Philippines
A recipe book on various rice-based food products from the different regions of the Philippines. Photo accompanies each recipe. Pubished by the Philippine Rice Research Institute, Munoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines, 1999. ISBN 971-9081-06-6

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