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Work on New Transgenic Rice Reported

CropBiotech Update, 20 May 2005
International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications SEAsia Center (ISAAA)

Tayyab Husnain of the National Center of Excellence in Molecular Biology, Lahore, Pakistan, reports on his work on “Transgenic Basmati Rice,” in an article that appears in the latest Information Systems for Biotechnology News Report.

Husnain and colleagues disclose their work on the first field trial of two transgenic lines of Indica Basmati rice (B-370) expressing either the cry1Ac or cry2A genes, which render the lines resistant to lepidopteran pests. With all biosafety precautions taken, and the presence of the genes in the lines confirmed, researchers found that the transgenic rice lines expressed higher levels of Cry proteins when compared with commercially released cultivars of Bt cotton, maize, and potato; gene expression was constitutive, or present in different parts of the plants; and the transgenic lines had no effect on the presence of non-target insects nor on the germination of three local varieties of wheat.