About Us

The Asia Rice Foundation - Philippines undertakes rice programs and activities in the Philippines according to the needs of the country. The main objectives are to:

  • Preserve rice cultural heritage and encourage its appreciation.
  • Raise public awareness and educate the public on the importance of rice.
  • Support research and development on all aspects of rice production, processing, marketing, and consumption.
  • Promote public policies that favor the rice sector.

The current projects include:
  • Brown Rice Campaign, to promote the consumption of brown rice by Filipinos for health purposes.
  • Rice Garden, to educate the public in urban areas, particularly the youth, on rice and its importance in the lives of Filipinos.
  • Rice and the Arts, to highlight the important roles that rice has played in the various art forms and to promote the incorporation of rice in Filipino arts.
  • Enhancing Biodiversity in the Rice Fields, to achieve a sustainable increase in rice yield through the use of genetic diversity.
  • Rice Exhibits, to encourage museums and other appropriate agencies to put up exhibits on rice as a means to raise public awareness on rice.
  • International Year of Rice (IYR) 2004, to join in the celebration of the IYR2004, proclaimed by the United Nations.

We welcome inquiries, assistance and support from all who desire to contribute to the improvement of rice in the Philippines and of the well-beings of the Filipino rice consumers and producers. Interested parties should contact us at

The Asia Rice Foundation - Philippines
Los BaƱos, 4031 Laguna
Tel/Fax: (63-49) 536-2285
E-mail: asia_rice@searca.org

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