The Adventures of Gabby Ghas Palay-Bigas-Kanin

2009.  32 pages. 24.7 x 2.1 cm

Order of 1-249 copies, cost per copy is P150.00
Order of 250-499 copies, cost per copy is P125.00
Order of 500 or more, cost per copy is P100.00

The Adventures of Gabby Ghas, a children’s book, is the newest book of the Asia Rice Foundation (ARF). Gabby Ghas is the story of a tiny grain of palay who wants to know his place in the world. On his journey he encounters seedlings, weeds, predatory insects, and pesticide officers who protect the ever-precious rice plants from harm - all help to make Gabby Ghas realize how truly special he is.

Youngsters will be delighted at this 32-page children’s book printed in full color, telling of Gabby’s exciting adventures as he is hulled and milled, sold in the market, and finally meeting his moment of destiny on a hungry boy’s plate.