Beyond Boiled Rice: Value-added Products and Entrepreneurship

2009.  95 pages.  15 x 22.8 cm

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Beyond Boiled Rice:  Value-added Products and Entrepreneurship (95 pages) represents the proceedings of the 2008 Annual Rice Forum on “Beyond Boiled Rice:  Value-added Products and Entrepreneurship,” organized by the Asia Rice Foundation on 20 November 2008.

The book discusses the status of the production of various value-added products of rice in the Philippines, Korea, Japan and Thailand.  In the Philippines, there were traditional rice-based snacks, desserts and beverages.  Korea has gruels, cakes, flours, snacks, drinks, alcoholic beverages, and noodles.  In Japan, rice flour shows promise for manufacturing of crackers, noodles, and bread.  In Thailand, the success in manufacturing rice bran oil was discussed.  Health benefits from the various rice products, and the challenges of and opportunities for entrepreneurship in the commercialization of value-added products of rice, were presented.