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Khai Phra Arthit (Sun Egg)

“When I was young, His Majesty used to cook for me a dish which he called "Khai Phra Arthit (Sun egg).

”I was asked why the dish was called Khai Phra Arthit. I asked His Majesty and he said that when you look through binoculars, the sun's surface appears similar to grains of rice. In French, it's called grain de riz."

- HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

  1. Beat one whole egg as if you were making an omelette. (Do not whip the egg as heavily as you would for a cake.)
  2. Add one ladle of cooked rice to the egg mixture.
  3. Season with a few drops of Maggi sauce. (Overseas, where His Majesty spent his childhood, fish sauce was hard to find. These days, most Thais prefer to use fish sauce rather than Maggi.)
  4. Heat the pan, and add a little oil (less than the amount used for making an omelette).
  5. Pour the egg and rice mixture into the pan, and leave to cook until the edge turns brown and crispy but the centre is still moist.
  6. Serve hot.